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Outpatient Surgery Is Also Referred to as Ambulatory Surgery or Same-Day Surgery

Dr. Macdonald performs outpatient surgeries in Denver, Colorado at 2 locations. Mile High Surgery Center is located in the Denver Tech Center. Rose Surgical Center is an outpatient facility on Rose Medical Center’s campus.

Dr. Macdonald believes the specialty of Outpatient Surgery provides a solution for some of today’s most important healthcare problems. When performed in an Ambulatory Surgical Center committed to outpatient surgery, both quality of care and cost of care are significantly improved.

Outpatient Surgeries on the Rise

More than half of elective surgery procedures in the United States are currently performed as outpatient surgeries. Health experts expect this amount will increase significantly over the next decade.

At Mile High Surgery Center, patients will find themselves in a very unique setting that differs dramatically from the usual hustle and bustle of a large hospital. A personalized team approach is employed, involving the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, technicians, and administrative staff. All are specifically trained and committed to the outpatient procedure. Patient satisfaction is predictably higher in Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Effective & Efficient Procedures

From a surgeon’s viewpoint, outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Centers provide physicians the ability to dictate a patient’s experience from the minute they arrive to the minute they go home. Physicians can schedule procedures for their patients more effectively and efficiently. They’re able to assemble hand-picked teams of specially trained and highly skilled staff and ensure that the equipment and supplies being used are best suited to their techniques. Lastly, they have the opportunity to design facilities tailored to their specialty and the specific needs of their patients. Outpatient surgery is appropriate for generally healthy people undergoing minor or intermediate procedures(hernia and gallbladder surgeries, biopsies).

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