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The Mile High Hernia Institute is Located in Denver, Colorado

It was created to recognize a subspecialty of General Surgery dedicated exclusively to outpatient hernia surgery.

A General Surgeon can spend a typical day addressing a very wide variety of surgical problems including trauma, cancer, thoracic, vascular, colon and rectal, breast, endocrine, head and neck, and abdominal surgeries of all varieties. Indeed, the General Surgeon arguably has the broadest and most comprehensive of all medical specialties. After 20 years of General Surgery, Dr. Macdonald created Mile High Hernia Institute to provide patients the option of having a Hernia Surgeon, specifically focused on just one aspect of this comprehensive training.

“The current trend in medicine is strongly toward sub-specialization, and while I’m very sad to see General Surgery carved into such portions, the benefits to our patients is undeniable. We are living in an era in which patients research their own healthcare options. They can choose a specialist who has dedicated their career to a particular area of expertise.”
-Dr. Macdonald

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